Rhino - rendering programs

For those who use Rhino, which rendering application do you use and why?

Maxwell render

I’d like to purchase one of the three so your input would be greatly appreciated.

Yet to have learnt V-ray and Maxwell, but I can say you should just count Flamingo out, unless they release a better one.

From what I’ve heard, V-Ray is just as easy as Flamingo with far better results and more efficient. Maxwell gets you even better results, not sure about its ease of use.

Cow, do you use Rhino, or is this word of mouth that you have heard? What are the flaws with Flamingo?

I use Vray.

If you check out my site, chair one and the flashlight are rendered in flamingo and the rest is in VRAY. A lot of these renderings are done with minimal set up and effort. Most are tests while learning the software. I have also noticed that Vray is substantially quicker than maxwell. We just got the plug-in for rhino4 and I have yet to use it. Pretty pumped though. Vray gets it done. IMHO

Ya I’m redoing my site soon.

I use and prefer v-ray. I felt v-ray was much easier to pick up but also had the depth so that when I wanted to I could really get into tweaking the scene/materials.

I tried Maxwell and found it tough to produce materials that I thought were realistic right away, but perhaps I didn’t give it enough time. I still prefer v-ray.

i use flamingo and v-ray.

vray is faster than most higher-end renderers with just as good results.
I like flamingo though… it produces good usable results real quick…

i would go with vray over maxwell, it integrates into rhino a little easier, maybe thats jusdt me though, and maxwell was slower on my machine…

hope that helps

Is Brazil out of beta? Last I tinkered it was still in beta and very buggy.

Deez, are you sure Brazil is compatible with Rhino? I was checking out their site and it looks like it’s for 3ds Max and Autodesk VIZ.

Deez, I take that back. With a little more searching I just found the link: Robert McNeel & Associates Wiki [McNeel Wiki]

I use Flamingo primarily because it’s just easy and I don’t really need to create amazing looking renderings. Flamingo has its limitations, such as bump maps and transparency. As compared to Alias renderer, Flamingo doesn’t do real bump maps. It’s simply a flat texture wrap.

In terms of rendering speed, I don’t think Flamingo is that much quicker than Alias renderer, and certainly much slower than Vray and Cinema.

I know people who use VRay and Cinema 4 and they’ve showed me how fast a typical rendering takes. I’d say they are much better than Flamingo.

Like Deez said, when I plan for a rendering, I factor in all the tools that I have, including photoshop. So if there is something that I can do better and faster in photoshop, I will just render till that point and work the rest on photoshop. In this case, I think Flamingo is just enough to get me what I need.

Where is the best place to buy V-Ray for Rhino 4.0?

Straight from the source: http://vrayinfo.vismasters.com/catalog/viewproduct.aspx?product=4340

Unless some else knows where to get it cheaper…


Same price. Solid Forum.

Who’s considered “educational”? What if I’m trying to learn the program, does that make me educational? Or do I have to have a valid school id to prove that I qualify for the educational version?

Download the 30 day demo.

To qualify for an educational discount I would guess you need to be enrolled in a university.