Rhino/PS tutorials

I’ve re-written the chrome filter tutorial and I’m confident folks will like it.
I trust web page is much easier to handle


Here’s what the tutorial about:

Another project I’ve done is the backgammon dice tutorial again, correcting & updating.


Then I put the dice into backgammon board:


Hey there ;

I am working on some sketches and projects of mine but i find it quite time consuming to work on it in solid works and hence i started exploring in rhino …but i am quite a beginner so what do u suggest i start with.Any particular tutorial in mind for beginners to understand the basic concepts .



My best choise woudl be the tutorials within Rhino. Dont try anything u aren’t sure about what u’r doing

That was the most common suggestion i have recieved every where.I am really pleased that it ur view also .Thanks a lot maybe i can share some of my work once i complete it.


Sure. Like myself, dont hesitate to post ur work
Here’s an example of mine: