Rhino popup menu export?

Can I export my popup menu that I have customized and load it on another computer? If not I will have to make it all over again.

I can’t seem to find the info online and Rhino site too.

Go to - Tools / Toolbar Layout in Rhino

File / Save as - your current toolbar to a flash etc.

Then - Tools / Toolbar / File / Open your saved toolbar using the same method above.

Taking out flash drive and inserting it into other computer is implied.

Hope this helps, just tried it - worked for me.

I did that, but it did not transfer the popup menu, you know, the one that appears when you click the middle mouse button.

i also tried exporting the “options” profile. Did not work either.

Check this on the other console:

If that doesn’t work, contact support in Seattle. They’re awesome.

Ah got it. I have to close the default tool layout first to get that. Thanks!