rhino or xenon

I am an industrial designer and want to get a job in New york city. I have basic knowledge of rhino. Is it important for me to learn other softwares??
how is ashlar vellum Xenon??

I think rather than Xenon, you’d be better off spending your time learning Soldworks. If you know that AND Rhino, you’ve got a very well-rounded knowledge base with both NURBS modelling and solids. I don’t know of any studio that actually uses Xenon, although I’m sure there are some. SW is definitely more common.

Also, I personally hate Ashlar products… I even do just 2D drawings in Rhino these days rather than use Vellum… my opinion, for what it’s worth.

Many of the smaller id firms use Solidworks.

Many of the major ID firms use everything including MAC’s and PC’s and Alias and Wildfire.

Many of the major manufactures use Pro/E

Many of the older industrial designers use markers

Can an industrial designer prove form in Solidworks and Pro/ENGINEER?

Can an industrial designer prove form in Rhino?

Can an industrial designer prove form in Alias?

Many of the fresh grads use Rhino. I am not shure who is less progressive? The young folks or the old folks. Can someone explain.

I’m a fresh grad and I use Rhino, and AutoCAD (currently) along with a healthy dose of old-school hand-rendering and sketching. I don’t ever forsee getting completely out of the hand work.

Pro-E and SolidEdge, IMO, do not model things in a way that I like for the renderings that I do, but it would be helpful for many other facets of design.

The main thing, in my view, is that you have a good understanding of design (i.e. can actually design) not just the ability to draw someone elses designs in CAD. That will get you in the door versus some really slick renderings of poor designs.