rhino modeling question

Hi, I am currently learning 3d rhino… and have a little problem creating a surface. I hope you guys can help me here.

I am modeling a simple candy bar cell phone as exercise.
My problem is creating this front roundish- rectangular surface.
I am using surface- sweep 1 rail function to create it,but the edges don’t come out clean…

If anybody here has some experience modeling a simple candy bar style phone, your help will be sooooo appreciated…
Is there more advanced and smarter way of creating this kind of surface?
Thank you all.

The first thing I’d say is use Solidworks. You can use .step or .iges to export between the two.
Maybe use a 2 rail sweep.
Or a loft. Loft might work best.
You can draft the cross section curves and then use C-sec
But it wouldn’t be the easiest.
At work, we use Rhino to do spacial relationships or to draft paths for the laser cutter. We use solidworks to do most 3-d modeling.

used rhino for five years now and i’m not sure exactly what you mean by ‘clean’ but as a rule sweep 2 rails when possible or create surfaces with 3-4 edge curves or create your surfaces over sized and then use intersection and then trim. hope this helps.

too bad there’s no way to show what your doing. :open_mouth:

Who uses solidworks for creative 3d modeling. solidworks are for engineers!!! not designers.

Try sweeping only a half first (horizontally) and then mirror the other half. You will get a much cleaner shape if only half of the cross section is swept. Use horizontal profile (where the parting line would be) and the either one of the rails to sweep. Sorry tough to explain

Sounds like some kind of discontinuity or kink in your construction curves. You should post your file on the Rhino support forum… someone there will help you.


I know what you mean. You can’t use the sweep1 rail function. You need to have a curve going from the edge of each surface. This will create a boundary around your fillet. So, you’ll have two edges (from each of the neighboring surfaces) and one curve that is planer. Use Network Surface command, click on both edges and the curve and make sure that when the dialogue box comes up that you have “tangency” picked for the edges.

This will give you a surface (the fillet) that is tangent to both adjoining surfaces.

Let me know if that works for you.

And as for everyone else, let’s not make this into a battle of programs. Each one has their own merits.

Thanks everyone…
and I got a q for 6ix… I have a feeling that your solution is the answer to my problem… the thing is that I can’t understand !!! ( sorry… new to this program… still learning…)

I would sooooo appreciate it if you could guide me step by step… or if you happen to know any useful site ( I tried 3d cafe but found it unhelpful ),
please let me know…
Thank you so much.

( I know it is painfully hard to answer this kind of question over the net…
so double my appreciation for all of you who came up with solutions here !!!)

3d…just email me the file at esolida2@yahoo.com. I’ll type in notes and show you step by step.

Happy to help.