Rhino for WoodWork - Furniture Production - anyone using it?

Is anyone actually using Rhino3d for furniture or cabinet production on a day in-day out basis? I know you can design furniture with Rhino, but is anyone in furniture industry actually using it to go to production - i.e. CNC machine code? With which CAM software as the go-between? I’ve heard Rhino is intuitive and easy to learn and use, but I don’t want to be the pioneer in a new application.

Ive seen designers use it for the interiors of boats and yachts. That stuff is not really much different that the Cabernet that go into your kitchen.

Defiantly Furniture! I get projects all the time where the Italian furniture designer does it up in Rhino but the deliverable has to be Pro/ENGINEER… and Ill either import or parametric-ize the model for the manufacturer.

What is the street price of pro-e and how much would I reasonably expect to spend in time and money to get trained enough to do some complex furniture?

Can pro-e do carving ornament drawing and tool paths?

From what I read Pro-e is awesome, especially if you are doing complex manufacturing with 100s or 1000s of parts. We’re talking furniture, and maybe 10-20 new pieces a year. Isn’t there a simpler way?

I realize you may have a bias since you are linked to pro-e training and you love it and know its awesome capabilities.

I just saw an advert for the base price of Pro/E for under 3500 bucks… probably due to the recession.

Is Pro-E one of those software packages where every time you want to do something new you need to buy another module? (for another thousand or two).

When you say “Base” what is included? can I design and output to a CNC with the “base”? What would the cost be for something that can do all that?

Well for the designer in the know… I mean one that has researched some I know exactly what i need to be happy. I need the base foundation package, advanced assembly module and ISDX. List price for all those packages is just under 15 thousand dollars. It is difficult to argue that price and make intelligent comparisons to a 3900.00 Solidowrks package for a lot of reasons listed on this forum.

So if you walk into it w/o asking the right questions you could simply purchase the base package of pro/e which compares closely to the base package of solidworks… w/o getting into all those details, they both have sheetmetal, surfacing, crude top down design functions, assembly functions. Where Pro/ENGINEER excels is where you mention in your post… "Is Pro-E one of those software packages where every time you want to do something new you need to buy another module? (for another thousand or two). "

As for your last question, can you export to CNC… of course. However to create dynamic tool path using the Pro/MANUFACTURE function (which is bad ass software BTW that is an add on package). It is out of my league to discuss that package however i do hear people rave about it on other forums making comparisons to Unigraphics Manufacturing tools which some say is better.

I would have to defer any questions to purchasing software etc to scotte@integratedpdg.com who … is a reseller of PTC products.

Not that anyone really cares on this board. Design-engine was asked this year to partner with Integrated Product Design Group … they sell software and we do PTC Certified Training along with our ‘experience training’. That does not mean we cant still offer specific training to industrial designers as related to Pro/ENGINEER but we have to offer the PTC training materials and books …