Rhino for Mac

Hey all,

Does anybody work with Rhino 4 on a Mac? If so what is your response to it? I work on Rhino on my PC but we have mostly Macs at work. I was wondering if it would be better to try and invest in a PC workstation just for the Rhino at work, or if it would be do able to install a version on my Mac.

What are peeps thoughts?

Its only in a beta stage at the moment, so go to their homepage and sign up for it. Hopefully you can try it out yourself.

thanks for the heads up.


I was trying to use it on my mac for awhile and was extremely frustrated by NO keyboard shortcuts and limited toolbars and gave up trying to run it in OSX.

It has been awhile since I tried it out and it seems like they are changing it all the time (every time you got to use it there is a new version to download), so maybe they have addressed this by now, but the keyboard shortcuts were said to be something that would come much later ( I don’t get that at all…)

You have keyboard shortcuts now, and that command line, but as it’s beta some commands still do nothing (not implemented). It is definitely getting very usable though.

What I do find promising though is that they’re doing a proper job trying to make it feel like a “domestic” mac application (unlike for instance Alias). What is not so good is that Rhino seems to be going for the world record for beta stage (give them a couple of years and they’ll nick if from gmail).


sounds like I’ll give it another shot

You can install windows and run it…

Just downloaded the latest version and not getting any of that…

What specific shortcuts and toolbars are you missing? I might have misunderstood you the first time… I should add that I’m a pretty average user of Rhino, so I guess experts will find more shortcomings than I have.

If OSNAP is what you’re missing you’ll get a pop up (HUD style) with the shortcut ctrl + U.


Me made joke :smiley:

…quite by accident. English isn’t my first language so these things are bound to happen every now and then :wink:

Oh Snap!
I’m glad Skinny found the humor in that :smiley:

In order for me to spend any real time modeling with Rhino OSX
I need keyboard shortcuts for:


Copy, paste and cut is like for any other app in os x: cmd+c, cmd+v and cmd+x

For trim and join you can either just start typing trim/join like you would do in the windows version and accept with space, you can create your own alias (e.g. tr for trim or whatever you prefer) or you can set up your own shortcuts for Rhino using OS X (System preferences->Keyboard and add Rhino under Keyboard Shortcuts: Application Shortcuts) making for instance cmd+T equal Trim (I’m not sure if OS X will tell you if your new shortcut conflicts with an old one).

Is Rhino going to release this in the coming months or years?? :slight_smile:

Im glad that autodesk is already in Mac platform…

Just found the link below. I think he and I work differently and on different types of things, but I think I can make it work for what I do as well. Going to give it a shot this afternoon.