Rhino+Flamingo on Toshiba R15 Tablet?


I am interested in getting the new R10 or R15 Toshiba Satellite Tablet Convertible Laptop.

My only concern is the Integrated Graphics card. How will Rhino and Flamingo perform on that?

I wish there could be a tablet that lets me do Alias Sketch and run 3D apps sufficiently.

I will most likely be doing real heavy 3D modeling and rendering work on a real CAD workstation in the office though so it is not critical to have it in my laptop.

Here’s a link to the Toshiba laptops.


One of my friends got one of those like a year ago (lower model than what is currently offered) and he actually uses it over his boxx workstation for modeling (not rendering)

One thing to consider… not sure if this is fixed in the current models but the computer gets really hot quickly. It is really uncomfortable to draw with sketchbook pro on your lap :slight_smile:

Why not get an M200?

I got one and love it. It runs Rhino & Flamingo just as well as my Dell desktop. It had an nVidia card (only 32MN though) and, though the screen is smaller at 12.1" , the screen res is higher, which means more real estate.

I got a dock for it and have a 21" LCD hooked up to it - it’ll drive that at 1600x1200, which is great for Rhino.

It runs SBP really well - not as pressure sensitive as a Cintiq, but haven’t noticed any lack of performance.

It does cost more than the Satellite, but worth the investment.
And one tip - buy it form Toshiba direct. You get a better warranty than getting the m205 at a brick and mortar.

I once tried to use Rhino on a desktop with integrated video and the results were horrible.

One of the advantages of any good CAD is in the OpenGL implementation, which offloads a lot of the graphics processing from to the video card. You get smoother lines and gradients. Integrated graphics has always had problems with OpenGL. There was one program that would have any arcs repesented as full circles by the on-board GPU.

Flamingo really only needs lots of CPU power. The video processor is not in use at all except for displaying the finalized image. But since that final frame might be used to “sell” a project, the better the video, the better the image.

Until the tablet mfg realize that visual creatives are the ones who need a pen interface and package in a proper video card for the work that we do, I won’t be plunking down money for one. As soon as they do, I’m in.