Rhino and Solidworks

Hello all,

I just took a new design job where the engineering dept. uses Solidworks. I have to import assemblies into Rhino on a regular basis to make design changes and am going crazy waiting around for files to import into Rhino using the STEP format.

Is there a better way to make the two programs work together? My system at work as 1Gb of RAM and I am already getting out of memory error messages.

Any help would be appreciated.

You have to grin and bear it. Maybe ask them to send step files to you with out shelling. Import into Rhino is a pain, becasue the step needs to be interpreted. Have you looked into the option of learning Solidworks, sinece your engineers use it? I know that you have a lot of the functionality of Rhino with the added advantage of parametrics

I plan to do some Solidworks training eventually, but the biggest reason for my question is because I absolutely hate Photoworks and want to render elsewhere.

If anyone has tips as to how to get Solidworks models into 3D Studio MAX/Viz somewhat painlessly as well, I would greatly appreciate it.

there should still be some 3d party rederers for solidworks, look around. Start by cheching out the partners on the Solidworks web site.

Rhino 3.0 can export and import Iges format for all famous programs like 3dsmax and SDWX. you can send de solid model to Rhino and from there to 3dsmax! Its the best way if you dont want to loose your model. try it out!

Hmmm- if rendering is an issue I would look into finding some Photoworks2 tuts Look in [www.ideo.com/mb You have to know what you are doing, but PW2 has a great rendering engine- granted Solidworks has tried its best to muck it up. Whoever is in charge of Photoworks should be tarred and feathered. Some engineers ideas of aesthetics-bleargh.

Seriously, if you know what you are doing PW2 has better rendering capabilities than Rhino and even Alias. IT can be VERY fast. You will have to turn on INdirect Illumination and then turn of your lights and then illuminate the mondel with a constant Color Shadered surface or three.](www.ideo.com/mb%20You%20have%20to%20know%20what%20you%20are%20doing,%20but%20PW2%20has%20a%20great%20rendering%20engine-%20granted%20Solidworks%20has%20tried%20its%20best%20to%20muck%20it%20up.%20Whoever%20is%20in%20charge%20of%20Photoworks%20should%20be%20tarred%20and%20feathered.%20Some%20engineers%20ideas%20of%20aesthetics-bleargh. Seriously,%20if%20you%20know%20what%20you%20are%20doing%20PW2%20has%20better%20rendering%20capabilities%20than%20Rhino%20and%20even%20Alias.%20IT%20can%20be%20VERY%20fast.%20You%20will%20have%20to%20turn%20on%20INdirect%20Illumination%20and%20then%20turn%20of%20your%20lights%20and%20then%20illuminate%20the%20mondel%20with%20a%20constant%20Color%20Shadered%20surface%20or%20three.)

My biggest issue with Photoworks is the terrible way in which Solidworks handles manupulation of a model in a perspective view. Rhino and 3DS Max’s orbit tool is so much better. I also hate that there is no option to specify a real world lens type (35/50mm) for your camera like almost every other rendering program out there. It makes camera matching almost imposible as far as compositing is concerned with a real life background image.

There is also no option for an alpha channel with certain image formats like 3DS Max has.

Can you not exprot from Solidworks into an STL file? I understand there are some ways of smoothing out the faceting in 3D Studio MAX.

dont need to smooth. i used to export out .slp files from Pro and import to Alias for render. works fine. if you can export .stl from SW and import that to Max, it should work great. .stl and .slp are closely related formats. you should get similar results. could probably apply smoothing groups but i’ve never bothered. unnecessary. just get a feel for the tri count on export.