Rhino and NURBS

I’m trying to beef up my understanding of NURBs and surface modelling. Can anyone recommend a good, comprehensive, product-based (rather than gaming character based) guide to NURBS and/or surface modelling?

rarely see NURBs-product design tutorials. most are characters for CG animation. not games. some principles apply tho. some companies dont make NURBs like software tuts say. with curve networks and lots of surfaces. single mesh not uncommon. i started playing with Patch modeling like film characters. has some advantages.

Rhino site has tutorials. youve read? some software manuals are online. usually .edu sites. saw a Maya manual at one. it has products. might find Studio manual online. Rhino links are best bet i think.

the help files contained in rhino itself are very good. i’m still on v2, i don’t know about v3’s. certain topics like curvature analysis and basic surface creation are well covered. i’m referring to both the tuts and the help files here…

hope i don’t sound like an ass for mentioning something that seems obvious…

good luck!

another obvious - the alias tutorials on their web site and in their books and dvds are sometimes quite useful even if you don’t run their software. two reasons come to mind: the nurbs modeling techniques are not always unique to studio, just the tool names, and learning about how other systems behave can help you discover new ways to use your own tools.

looks like a promotion:

the “Non-Organic Surfacing” DVD looks interesting. only $65. its Maya. but as stated most techniques translate.

Rhino newsgroup is very helpful. You can also check out www.renderosity.com there is Rhino forum in the site, but reg is required.

If the interest is to learn how to build high class surfaces Rhinos unability to create surface continuity between surfaces with trimed edges makes it, unfurtunaly, easy to learn “wrong” approach of how to build a high class surface.

“Right” approach is to only use surfaces with four edges, an approach hard to follow in Rhino. ISDX II (ID/style-module for ProE) is very pedagogy in the use of four edge surfaces, and presumably Alias tools as well.

i’m also interested in learning rhino. i tend to learn better in a class environment, however - does anybody know of any good online courses? or courses in new york?

There was a thread on the old core boards about this and it linked to some Canadian guy that had awsome “class A” NURBS tutorials. They were Rhino-specific, but the techniques were applicable to almost any CAID software.

I remember that one of the models was a large tanker aircraft or something and the format was a large step-by-step poster… Ring any bells?

it went something like hydrolic design (Canadian dude’s site)

looking, looking… found:

Glad to help out.
Artur T.
(Proud Rhino v.3 user)

P.S.:Rhino 4 looks amazing by the minute, I bet SolidWorks will copy some of the commands in their next release like they always seem to do.

What do you mean by that? Could you please explain it further, I am very interested.

Artur T.

This site has some good tutorials, not too much about Rhino… but good ones about Rendering in 3DMax using VRay renderer.
There is a tutorial about modeling a USB plug in rhino and how to rendering in 3DMax, very good to understand how NURBS works!

_http://www.evermotion.org (need to be register)