Rhino - an advantage??

as a designer with 5+ years of experience , will having a level 1 cert in Rhino 3d increase my chances of finding employment in london??


Not sure about London or europe. Simple answer, most likely no.

With 5 yrs experiance most firms would be looking tword the skills of descision making and managing the programs/people. More senior level stuff. However, continually expanding your skills knowlege is essential to stay in the game.

most recruiters have said that this would definitely be advantagious - I didnt have cad skills from college and am trying to up my game as it were…

That is true, but not nessisarily the case. CAD helps out, however it is a tool and the communication of your innovations is still perimount in the design process.

Personally (IMO) recruiters are a wast of time and money for both the corporation and individual job seeker when it comes to finding and filling creatives. They seldom take the time to truely understand what it is that ID or GD really is and what it entailes. They look at it as iff they are filling an accounting or data entry possision. That is why all recruiters regardless of country always want say that you need to learn more programs, it allows their computers to match software usage to jobs.

Best and the most appropriate way to find satisfying work in the design industry is networking and door nocking. Visit design functions, and firms. Show them your work and thought processes. Show them sucessful products you have worked on, and the innovations that you developed for them. With 5 yrs experiance you should have a half dozen or so products, atleast a few should have a sucess story attached like sales volumes exceeded expectations, production cost was reduced by…and so on.

These are far more powerfull than knowlege of a software. I knew no software fresh out of school, and learned Pro, Solidworks, and CDRS with in 3 months of starting my first job, by one year in I could keep up with any engineer downstream from me.

If you want to learn a software then learn it, but do not assume that because you know a package you will be more employable.

hi ML,

Thanks for your comments - some useful stuff there.

I dont know where you are based, but the design scene for “real” ID in london is getting smaller every year.
additional skills make you more useful to the next employer - there is an increase in the big companies here who want designers that can “do it all” ie cad, sketch, conceptualise, brand etc. my point was, will this (CAD) help? - I can do all the rest but feel that this (CAD) is holding me back. - and have been told as such by the big companies afore mentioned.

I have successful competition wins and product and packaging launches under my belt - but these arent enough in the competitive british market.

I hope other designers learn this - it will help you be more attractive to the next employer.