Rhino 5 - worth the upgrade?

I am looking at the new features and have watched some of the videos on Rhino 5. I am currently using the latest 4.x version on Win64 and have tried 5.0 on OSX.

I am trying to decide if it is worth the upgrade. I like some of the workflow improvements. There is also a price jump after next week.

If anyone has bought the upgrade, I would like to hear some opinions.

It is hard to tell what features are 4.0 because have been using the 5.0 WIP for the last few years. The gumball manipulation tool I could not work without. I have used many of the new features and could not go back to 4.0

Of course I am looking forward to being able to start using Rhino 6.0 Work-In-Progress releases…

I downloaded the trial last Friday, I also own V4 but I have not updated it in a while. I find the "file folder"tabs above the tool icons a big improvement and the icons on the sidebar in the standard layout are improved. I have only used it for creating STL’s of imported NX data and some rendering ( because it is way better than the renderings you get from NX) so I can’t comment on modeling improvements yet.

For us it has been most useful in that it’s 64-bit. We tend to have very large files, so the ability of Rhino to tap into more than a few gigs of RAM has been a plus.

Also I second the approval of the tabbed menus; it’s really nice.

Otherwise pretty “meh.” Same ol incremental changes here and there.

I’d spring for it though, probably worth it.

Thanks! I ordered it and am waiting for the disk to show up.

I forgot I always seem to need the WIP on OSX to open DWGs from Autocad now.

I miss Solidworks sometimes, the parametrics mainly. Still, with Rhino and a decent rendering package, It’s still a very good bargain. I sprung for Flamingo when I bought the 4.X version, but that interface makes want to punch babies. I bought Keyshot and found it easier to use and effective for my needs.