RGB-ENCH - show your color

Hey … this is my first post on core77… just wanted to share with you a recent project of mine…

Its a bench that records the color of your shirt, then uses it to light up small plates in the bench. Its meant for outdoor use, and meant to give a city a touch of mystery.

what to you think ?
Kind Regards, Jakob

Subject description:

To create a social space in a public environment that rewards those who stand out of the crowd with focus on developing a
new sustainable object that can transform public space
through light.

Problem formulation:

How can we create an intimate and relaxing area in a public space for those who take the time to stop, and how can we furthermore reward those who stand out from the crowd with a surprising experience?


Keywords: reward, print, intimacy, color,
surprise, city signals.

We live in a society where people are dressed in anonymous
colors like black, gray, white and brown. The color
you see in big cities and industry.
We have observed that it is very difficult to add color
to the city in a legal way other than through your clothing.

We have also observed that when you go trough the city you pass a lot of people in a rush, but rarely have any contact.

We would like to add some color, intimacy, magic and calmness to
the city as we know it.

interesting idea, but how exactly does it create a “social space”? i dont see how having a bench change to the color of someones shirt enhances social interactions.

spin- off idea:

mood-bench, where sensors measure heart rate and other indicators of stress, and change lights colors accordingly. this way you could see how someone you are meeting in the park is feeling at a glance, and also people who are highly stressed would notice it and calm down because of the color of the lights.