RFID in Design Research

Is anyone using (or know of) Radio Frequency Identification for design research? For example, for tracking the movement and use of objects in a behavioral or anthropological study?

From: Right Entry Stores Promote longer Shopping Trips

Sorensen Associates has been in grocery aisles for over 30 years, studying
shopper’s habits and perceptions. We have provided market research for some
of the largest consumer package goods companies and retailers in this country.
Consequently, we know a lot about consumer behavior in grocery stores. A year
ago, we developed a technology called PathTrackerâ„¢ that electronically
monitors and reports on shopping patterns over time, providing an unprecedented
picture of how people actually shop the supermarket.

I am not sure if the PathTracker is what you are looking for because I am not really sure if the system is based on RFID. If it is not based on RFID it must be something similar because it works with little tags that are build in the shopping cart. [/i]