Reviews on MassArt ID BFA Program.

Greetings fellow creatives, allow me to introduce as this is my first post on My name is Danny Kingphilavanh, I currently hold an AS in Graphic Design from my local community college. I am very much interested in ID and would like to pursue a BFA in the ID field. I have turned 24 this passed April and have been out of school for about a year and a half.

I would like to gain some advice or any other helpful information on Mass Art, here in Boston. I do not have many options as to choosing a school that offers an ID program because I am a young father will a full time job, I will be attending school part time.

My interest in design has shifted. After getting my AS and being out in the workforce for a bit, I wanted to go back to school and reach for something higher. I have read much about the ID industry relating to consumer experience and I believe it is beautiful to create something that communicates with someone through design, its an unspoken language that travels across all borders, cultures, languages and different human races.

Any advice is great. I would also like to know how I can prepare my portfolio for an ID Program. Here is a link to my previous work: to showcase what I know.

Peace and Prosper,