Reverse Trike Club

I see some old discussion on reverse trikes, cycle cars, 2F1R trikes, tadpole trikes or whatever people seem to call them these days. I like the term reverse trike so I started a Reverse Trike Club at -

I started it as a good resource for information on the current designs available and I keep it updated as I find new trikes for sale or in the concept stage. I added some old designs because what probably 75% of people ask about are fully enclosed RT’s and there isn’t much available these days that meet that criteria, but there were a few made in the past.

I think you will find there are some really nice designs available and even some complete Reverse Trike Kits at reasonable prices. I plan to build an Aero Trike Roadster Kit soon and market these mainly because the manufacturer is close to me. I also want to start building these for other people as I get some experience with them and if all goes well maybe I’ll start actively marketing these at the major motorcycle rallies next year.

All comments are welcome.


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