Revamped portfolio website

In my post-Asia-development-trip insomnia this week I decided to do a refresh on the layout of my portfolio website,, as well as to begin to add more detailed “case studies” in order to flesh out the different processes I’ve been a part of over the years. Still tweaking back end things like image sizing, but I would appreciate any thoughts and comments.

super nice stuff Jeff. I really like the Oakley work.

Thanks, Yo.

I like the presentation - just full screen and scroll it.

You obviously are doing what you love and what you have developed an expertise in.
I like the Exo gloves design the best, it fits the product.
For others I am missing images of the finished product but that leaves a good bit of tension on the other hand, making you want to see more.
We have seen more and more of those standard flat soles in footwear nowadays - while good for presentation, you cannot really walk in them and including me I know several people who are not buying those types anymore.

If I can say one thing about your design approach is that while in your moodboards you show a variety of design approaches including even Memphis, we mostly see a language based on straight and diagonal lines in your final works. It makes your work feel a bit technocratic and quite commercial; I would like to see more of a research thread through it.

Nice work! Love the style of your presentation