Return on investment for usability

I just ran across this old article on Jakob Nielsen’s website:

Basically, it is a run down on the return on investment of adding usability testing to a webpage design project. Has anyone seen a similar article or numbers on usability with regards to products?

Thanks for the link!

There’s an awesome book out there called “Cost Justifying Usability” filled with case studies and statistics. If you’re selling usability to your organization, it’s a must-have.

Thanks CG, I’ll check that out!

I have a query similar to the one being discussed- hence posting it here.
Are there designers/firms practsing and focusing only on usability of products?
if you have come across some- please let me know.I am interested in seeing the kinda work they do coz I am practising usability of soft applications.
I have seen people working on usability of interaction design but not for core products.


I don’t think anyone is focusing on products other than product designers who are implementing usability techniques. At least, I haven’t found any.