Return of the shark nose?

Anyone picked up on the BMW i8 Hydrogen? It’s a bit bland in some parts but the front is very interesting. Both for the surfacing quality and the way it makes me think of the old coupes.


It is a strange car but I’d love to see the shark nose come back! I’m sure that design was heavily driven by aero needs.

Have not been a fan of a lot of the recent BMW designs (and don’t get me started on the naming convention), but always happy to see Shark Nose come back. If it was even as much as 60% as nice as that 3.0csi, I’d give it a second look. Will have to check around for some more pics. The regular i8 I am not that much a fan of, though only seen one in real life.

EDIT -here, fixed it a bit.


the other views of this thing are bananas.

How about a photoshop contest? C’mon guys, pile on.

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