I needed to find a suitable soundtrack for a presentation and I stumbled onto this:

UFO, 1970 imagining 1980. Models by Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds etc.)

future was so sexy back then! I want to have for breakfast what they had

edit: and I bet you were able to spell the adjective above in written conversation as well.fuck!


That’s the first Sci-Fi show I saw as a kid. I have it all on DVD now. Derek Meddings and his effects team were amazing!

I’m still waiting for my Anderson Supercar to be delivered. … .

Always trying to be “advanced”, I find it interesting how “high technology” ( especially “computers” ) has been depicted over the years.

Metropolis - 1927

Forbidden Planet - 1956 (still one of the best)

Lost in Space - 1965

Star Trek - 1966

2001: A Space Oddessy - 1968

Star Wars: A New Hope - 1977

No one ever depicted what computers are really for: pr0n!


The world needs more of this.

No one ever depicted what computers are really for: pr0n!

Fritz Lang was getting pretty close with the several scenes involving “Maria” in Metropolis.


The Europeans are so advanced…Hot looking robot!

The Europeans are so advanced…

The Europeans were so advanced… remember this was 1927. But it was a silent film.

Hot looking robot!

It took fifty years for “Hollywood” to catch up.

C3PO; 1977

But still not as hot as Maria… …

That was awesome!

Love it when the real world is inspired by sci-fi…

I worked at NASA for a while and they almost universally LOVED all sci-fi. I saw Chebacca coffee mugs, tie-fighter models, and heard all sorts of ridiculously cool conversations comparing projects to Star Wars scenes. “Remember when that robot fixed Luke Skywalkers hand? That’s what we want robonaut to do on the ISS. Can you illustrate that up?”

it was especially cool was when they made this ISS drone camera based on the Luke’s light sabre training droid

Works the other way too - this realworld NASA Lowey sketch of an EVA vehicle MUST have inspires Return of the Jedi Lightspeeders!

Also, I also visited some tank factories for a project. Seeing shiny just welded tanks before the paint and surface gear gets attached look just like your visiting some kind of terminator factory… the shapes are very futuristic - angular and sleek and especially stiking when they are shiny metal. Must have inspired some kind of Sci-fi!