Retro Fitting Hardcases

Hey guys,

Currently working on a project where the client is looking to utilize an off the shelf hard case (to save on cost) similar to Protective Cases. USA Made and Waterproof. | Pelican .

It appears that Pelican is definitely the industry leader in weather proofing and rugged construction (which are requirements), but the aesthetic is somewhat limiting for what we can do with the brand. The ideal scenario would of course be to design our own case, but I don’t think that is going to be in the scope of the project.

We have kicked around ideas of even skinning a Pelican with Vac-formed fairings but even that could be a challenge in terms of cost and execution.

So does anyone here have experience with projects like this or knows of other cases like the Pelican?

By mechanical necessity (usually MIL-STD-810F and/or SAE-J575) all of these dust-proof/immersible cases look the pretty much the same. Being “generic” in nature, not knowing what the end-user will use them for, also requires a degree of plain-ness.



As I’m sure you are aware, the cost of tooling for a thermo-formed fairing (facia (?)) would be far less than complete tooling of your own “pelican” case. It may be the cheapest way out, but more expensive than just using a stock Pelican and touting it’s industry-leading design features. Another possibility might be to contact a manufacturer and see if “custom” work is a possibility, i.e., a new lid…

Perhaps even an insert. For example, it seems like the S3 above would take an insert nicely… but your best option I think would be to see if you can get a custom modification on the cover, or the handle.

Thanks guys,

Yeah I think the best bet would be a custom cover or insert. Love the idea of changing the handle, that could be a great place for logo placement and help separate the case from the other generics cases out there.

We have also kicked around the idea of a custom shoulder strap which incorporates the company’s branding. That could tie in nicely with the handle and whatever graphics we put on the case it self. We have full control of the inside of the case, so that could really help bring the design together.

It’s going to be a lower volume run so cost is always going to be an issue, but I think with some minor tweaks the case could be a nice piece.

Thanks again for the help!

An insert would really help it along. Or maybe a custom lid, and see if you can order them direct without the OEM lids? Is a good place to get inserts for the outer cover made.

I once did a project using a semi-customizable extruded aluminum frame case. I don’t have access to the vendor or pics of the work but a quick Google and I came up with this. The exterior can be cut to any size, the interior can be anything and you can screen-print the outside easily.

BWH has a few interesting cases


I had a similar situation and went with the Nanuk cases. I would highly recommend Plasticase (the company who makes the Nanuk) as they were able to silk screen our logo on the case and create a custom insert. I know you can get shoulder straps, and could probably have them embroidered.

Total cost for 12 cases with custom inserts was around $200-250 each. I sent them product samples and worked with their industrial designer to work up a blue print, and they sent a mock-up back for approval. Good customer service!