Retracted request for a female Designer

There was a recent posting for a female designer.

In view of sexual equality, this has now been removed along with the designer who posted it.



Good discussion starter!
I understand EOE, but for design, gender plays an important role.

I know a firm that lost a client because they didn’t have any female designers working on their breast-pumps. Makes sense to me.

They shoulda hired a free female designer. Then if she worked real hard and was real profesional they might hire her!!!

Are you MAD!! Free!! Female!! No way.

They should have just advertise in general and PICKED a suitable female candidate. Companies get what they want all the time without make it too obvious.

…with over 23,000 portfolios on coroflot, why does anyone write job postings anyway?..a couple of hours spent can save days of sorting thru a hundred resumes submitted from a job posting…most job postings i see for id are redundant and overstate the obvious anyway…if you feel the need to post an id job…state the unique aspects for the position and be done with it…