Retail Ready Packaging

Thoughts on this? Will retailers take over packaging standards and force consumer goods companies to put everything in shelf ready boxes that are easy to open without instruments or will this die down with the need of retailers to differentiate their shopping experience?

Don’t retailers already have a lot of packaging standards? I’m not sure if this makes a difference. I think packaging designers will be able to come up creative ways still.

By the way, there is a packaging related discussion thread.

Retailers can drive (force) change, whether for the better or not. Each retailer and industry is different, and standards can be driven by many factors. Take amazons frustration free packaging initiative and the toy package example:

Unless you like reacting to retailers’ demands, the key would be to focus on the shopper/consumer, and develop ‘consumer ready packaging’.

Retailers have always controled packaging standards. There is a huge push for retail ready packaging through large box stores and Wal-Mart. In some retail channels you will see companies adopt these requirements to maintain their prescensce in that retail outlet.

It is true that retailers have always had overarching standards regarding the shipping containers and endcap display but it is an interesting shift when the retailers begin to delegate what is presented to the consumers upon purchase. Especially when the frame it as “what’s best for the consumer” (as did Amazon with Frustration Free Packaging). It could be seen as another way of shifting the power…vilifying the CPG companies whom use non recyclable boxes and hard-to-open clamshells. Considering a large amount of decision making regarding purchasing is made in store…what happens when retailers start informing the packaging as it is viewed by the consumers?

I believe that Amazon move was just brand positioning and a huge opportunity to save more money. Wal-Mart has been doing it for years, forcing the companies they interact with to reduce their overall packaging by increasing percentages over the years. No one makes money with product sitting on a shelf.

We appreciate insights from the retailer as we believe that information can help guide our strategy. I think any CPG company that thinks they know it all will suffer in the marketplace. The retailer is where the game is played, if you don’t listen or consider their needs, you’ll be in trouble.

Requests from the retailer that are not viable, would never move forward anyway. Wal-Mart had been pushing CPG’s to switch over to RFID for over 5 years and that has gone no where. The relationship between retailer and CPG’s are self correcting because their futures are tied together very tightly.

Yeah I actually had a case recently where I designed the packaging for a product with a beautiful crystal plastic case and the retailer said they’d only take the product if it was blister packed, to fit more on a shelf. Meaning we had to change the packaging on this product, just for that particular retailer. I HATE blister packs!