retail design

does anyone know any good books on this subject. i would especially be interested in some dealing with the fast food industry, but also on ones dealing with the ‘emotional’ aspects. most books in my local bookstore seem to be focused on high fashion concepts stores. or maybe someone knows some good links? cheers.

Get “Why We Buy” by Paco Underhill.

His consulting firm is
When I was at MarketForward we used their research to design more effective digital menuboards for McDonalds (he mentions it in the book.) Beyond the typical IA and design they used dayparting as well as movement… Two proven effective techniques.

I’m sure there are some good books about Starbucks out there too.

Most of the the books on the subject are the coffee table eye-candy you refer to. The best source is

research branding, brand marketing and designing from brands. it should shed a little more light onto it.

Oh yeah, and the industry lingo for Fast-Food is “QSR” (Quick-Serve Restaurants.)

There is a QSR magazine/website that has some great research and articles:

The National Retail Federation (NRF) is another great resource:

ok, thanks. that’s excellent.