Retail design in Toronto, Canada

I’ve recently revamped my website a bit and would like some constructive criticism to see if I can make it even more appealing…

All comments welcome.


It look really good mate!

My only problem is that I would love to see a little of each of the projects, and maybe an explanation pop-up when you click on the project image, just get a little understanding of the brief and how you tackled it.

All on in all its really clean and neat.

i can’t tell as there’s no bio and everything is a rendering- is this real work for the companies mentioned or school/portfolio stuff? hard to evaluate without knowing…


Thanks CHolden, I was umming and ahhing about putting some info on each project to bring it to life a bit. But my justification for not doing it was just to keep things simple and clean and just let the images tell the story, but I think you might be right.

rkuchinsky, it’s all real work…the BIo is coming, I am having a copywriter help me out with the wording but she’s had a bit of a family tragedy so I’m just waiting for her to get back into the swing of things.

Finding time to expand on things a bit is taking sometime.
The biggest problem I have at the moment is the shear volume of work I have and putting together pieces that are both relevant and illustrate the scope of my abilities. Hence the turn to Core77 :slight_smile:

Thanks again

OK, gotcha, you are a pro. (i figured as much given the breadth and depth of the work, but wasn’t sure).

As such, i’d suggest more background on each project would help a lot. A potential client wants to know (i would think, i’m not that familiar with retail design) what the design brief may have been, budget, rollout, what aspects you provided (ie. just design, or souring, mfg, etc.)…

You might want to also include the usual process description, services list, etc.

as an aside i also just noticed that i missed the “next” button in the sketchbook section. you might want to make that more prominent/visible.

i would also think some real photos would be good to show that you don’t only do concepts, but get things done in real life and executed according to plan.