I have an interview for an internship tomorrow. How many resumes’ should I bring. I sent one through email, and have 4 copies.

I’d suggest 10 (this is probably WAY late notice.)

Do you have single sheets with your resume and one side and examples of your work on the opposite side? Those always work well and are cheap to produce.

Agreed. Too many resumes is always better than not enough. And…bring examples of what you can do, even if it is just un-organized pages from a class project…it amazes me when people walk into interview empty handed.

eh? why?

so you can make some paper hats?

no, no. Not paper hats. Paper airplanes so you can show your design skill while sitting in the lobby.

Nah seriously, you never know how many people you might be meeting throughout an interview. I’ve had interviews where I probably met 10-12 people and have had to show my portfolio in front of a large group of staff designers. It’s always good to have something tangible for them to mess with, that way, if they start to not pay attention, at least you have your work right in their hands.

10 is good. You might be meeting with a bunch of people in multiple panel interviews that might be coming straight from other meetings so they might not have had a chance to print your resume… it can’t hurt to have them, even if you never take them out of your bag…