Resume - when to remove achievements

I graduated with my BFA in March and have been employed since then.

A lot of my resume has my achievements and student organizations I was involved in during school. How long is it logical to leave on student organizations/achievements/etc. after graduating?

Depends what they are. If its valedictorian of class…obviously that stays. If its Dungeon Master of the all guys dorm Dungeons and Dragons club…I would leave that out…well, maybe.

They’re student organizations I held board positions on… as well as volunteer work I did during college.

They’re all tasteful extracurriculars… I just don’t know when is the proper time to remove all my student organizations now that I’m in the “work force.”

It shows that I was involved. I’m trying to be involved post graduation with other organizations, but I don’t have anything to list yet.

Maybe 5 years? +/-…enough time that you can rack up some “real world” achievements but less than 5 years, you are still pretty tied to your schooling. Your school portfolio less then 5 years acts as a gauge to how you’ve been improving/learning since graduation.