Resume Question


I am always revising my resume and I have seen examples of resumes that list internships with the year only. Currently, I have done two short-term ones and I have listed them as

June - September 2010 and
January - February 2011

However, after seeing some other resumes, I think it looks a lot better as just “2010” and “2011.” Is this okay to do (I don’t want to make it appear that each internship was a year long)?


Just putting 2010 and 2011 might be a bit too vague.

I see no problem with Jun-Sept 2010. That will shorten it up a bit and help out with the look. Or maybe Summer 2010.

But if it simply going with just the year goes best with your layout. Then maybe prefacing your description with. "3 month Internship in the Blah Blah department. Where I was responsible for "

Thanks for the tips. Vague is what I was worried about, so those alternatives sound good.

Sad to say that many students are told to be vague, thus allowing the reader to interpret the resume. Like you say it looks as if you did a 1 year internship… thus I call you for a phone interview or worse bring you in for an interview because i feel you have more experience … the reason this is bad is that it is a short sighted plan, because once they find out that your internship was only 3 months the hiring party is usually a little perturbed that your resume didn’t clearly state that. Plus it brings up the question “What else is not as it seems?”

There are even worse examples but we will save that for another day…

Chevis W.

I’m with Chevis.

Practice honesty in everything you do. Once you don’t you will be in a never ending cover up and unable to focus on work.

My resume has a few short internships and co-ops. This is ALL I write.

Position - do not overstate
time - do not make it seem “better”

Priority Designs
Design intern.
April 08 - June 08

Design intern.
June 08 - September 08

No problems at all.