Resume Layout

Does anyone have any good examples of resume layout? How “designed” should it be? What is frowned upon


im quite fresh from uni so i remember the time when i used some graphics (an illustrator drawing of a flower) in the top right hand corner of my cv. of course it had no significance to my practice - product design.

however, she has a lot of experience and said its best just to have a simple word document, pdf, etc. no graphics.

try it out. maybe itll work.

but ive found that its good to always have a pdf of some examples of your work.

hope this helps.


I think if you use graphics, pictures or create a different layout (compared to standart stuff u see) you have to ask yourself the question why you are doing such a thing. What are you trying to achieve?, etc etc.

Design your own Layout, specially if you apply for a job in the creative industry! But if u do so think about what your doing! There is no point in creating a layout that is amazing looking but makes the resume hard to read! Also dont design for designs sake, relate it to you and only use additional element to help guide the eye to the information you want the enployer to see.

It can also look very smart if you produce a brand identity for yourself, (logo, letterhead, name, colour, fonts etc.). Look at what professional businesses do and think about how they promote themselfs! Consistancy is also inportant, dont just apply these rules (You have created the rules, THE BRAND=YOU) to your resume but also web-site, portfolio, contact cards, samples, study work etc.

This is my opinion
Hope this helps :smiley:

PS: if your happy with your work you will feel more confident when faced with employees!