Resume: just a list?

I am a design student, with a good 4 years of experience. I am working on my resume, and after reading at Coroflot that resumes, because of their standard formats, and because of the similar experiences of all students, don’t communicate a whole lot about what you are capable of, I have decided to reformat my resume.

But since I have also read tons of stuff about standard formats of resumes, stick to one page, what information to include in what order, etc. I am worried about going too far from the norm. The solution I have created sticks to a standard resume format but includes texts that explain more about what I’ve learned, the impact of my work, and my skills and focuses, making it two pages long.

Could you please have a look at let me know what you think about this? I don’t want to miss the target when applying for new jobs.

You can download at look at the resume here:


Oh yeah, I wanted to say. I am not trying to get a review of my job history of skills. I am purely interested in feedback on the format. Any help?