Resume Help Needed!

To All,

I have posted my portfolio on here to receive some feedback, in which I did, and I am grateful. But now I am need of some advice as to how my resume looks to all of you if you would be so kind.

Plus, how important do you think this even is compared to the portfolio? I feel like some companies look at my location and think “too far away, next…” and don’t even look at my work.

Thanks in advance!

Looking pretty good! Just a few quick points:

  • I’d change your name from yellow to a different color is you have to use color. Some people print out your resume and it could show up really poorly in b/w.

  • There needs to be more distinct typographic hierarchy for how you display each job description. It’s hard figuring out what’s your position vs. company vs. location. Using a different typeface and reducing the font size of less important info (location & date) would help a lot.

  • The white space gap between your categories and your actual resume is quite large and I had a hard time connecting the two.

  • It’s also good practice to hang your bullet points, as exemplified here:

Looks pretty good. I’ve heard that people shy away from saying Objective, it tends to sound like you expect something. On my resume I put Summary. Be as specific as possible and even quantify past projects and job experiences.

Good luck! I loved having my designed resume but it made me mad when I had to paste all the text into the companies website…

Personally (and from many resumes I’ve seen lately), I shy away from any sort of objective. That should be evident in the fact that you’re applying for a job. I can’t speak for other disciplines like engineering who do claim the objective to be necessary. If anything, your objective can be in your portfolio “about” section.

Don’t really like the “Strengths” section. Most of the time I see these things in list form under “Skills”. Seems easier to digest: multidisciplinary collaboration, ethnographic research methods… some of these are kind of generic/cliché, too: “Innovative, realistic, and/or blue sky concepts”… through “countless sketches and models”…

I’m just a student, so take it with a grain of salt. I have had interviewers ask me about skills that I’ve listed (or not, like Rapid prototyping experience, programming, etc.)

Design-wise, listen to Linda, and think about the hierarchy of content: if you were an employer, what do you want to see first/foremost (probably experience, skills). Contact information is also very important (secondary) but right now it blends in with the rest (but don’t make it stick out… the fact that it’s in its own location is good. Maybe italics or gray it out a bit).

Look up some tutorials online for resumes. Smashingmagazine has some useful resources.

I’ll try and post my CV up tomorrow and talk through why I did certain bits, but I’m actually considering editing mine after seeing this example the other day. I actually thought it was tarngerines but it’s by Yo of this forum. Now mine is different for a couple of reasons one being experience the other is possibly different continents we live on may have different practises.

Anyway I’m not a huge fan of bullet point CV’s if the recruiter is to lazy to read it should I really want to work for them, what Yo has done is these amazing to the point paragraphs and thoroughly used a thesaurus as well as really thinking what did I do and achieve at this company. His opening line is also a blinder, sucked me in to read more. Perhaps he can fill you in more.

Tails please use punctuation it’s really hard to read your post and figure out what you are saying it’s really annoying do you see what I mean?

I think Michael’s content is good, but there is no typographical hierarchy which makes his resume really hard to visually process. A few bolded titles and italics would fix that up real quick. I also take a more paragraph oriented approach, although I need to read more Hemingway and refine sentences to be as short and concise as possible.

See: How to Write Like Hemingway: 5 Top Tips - Copyblogger

Good example of clear typographical hierarchy:

Now that CV is to the point!

I’ll use punctuation just this once, but I’m often typing from bed. So please don’t be offended if I don’t.

Well, first off, thank you to all who commented and critiqued my resume!

Loads of very useful information that I have tried to implement into my resume 2.0 below. I have also taken a suggestion word for word from you Tarne, I hope you don’t mind, but it was too good to pass up.

I never wanted to sound like a just started looking into a thesaurus and plugging words, but looking back, why not? That’s why they exist.

Anyway, take a look below and see if it reads any better… Thanks again!