Resume format for industrial designers

What do you think is the best format of resume in applying for design jobs?


…the two most common resume formats are chronological and skill based…if your work history is short or spotty then chronological would make this more obvious…if your work history is solid and exhibits steady growth and advancement then chronological might be the better choice…personally, mine is niether because my goal is to make obvious what might set me apart from every other candidate…so mine is accomplishment based, followed by a chronological listing of each employer and a short description of each position and skills…works for me.

I can see how it is tempting… but I find it frustrating looking at people’s resume that is not chronological. I have to basically piece it all together, and it seems to come off like someone is hiding something. If you don’t have a lot of experience, just be upfront about it, its going to come out anyway. Make it work t your advantage. If you don’t have a lot of experience it is an opportunity for that employer to help mold you and someone might be looking for that…

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a resume that wasn’t organized chronologically. Seems weird to me. Like Yo said, I would find it very difficult to have to put the pieces together to figure out what someone’s been doing. Yeah, it’s nice to list your achievements up front, but couldn’t you list them under the respective employer too?

…imo an achievement is only good for about 5 years, so that is all the farther i go back with them and they are followed by a chrono job history, so i hide nothing…i still contend that what you accomplished is more cogent than who, where and when you worked…in the end there is no right or wrong format…you either grab 'em in the first paragraph or it goes in the shit can…next!