resume filter practices at large companies

When a company like Nike posts an ID position on Coroflot, I can imagine they get 1000s of submissions. How do these large companies filter through this number of resumes/portfolios? Are each of them looked at by an actual person or does some software scan through them looking for keywords?

Software looking for key words is most likely. Even if they don’t they are looked at by HR people before anyone else sees them.

That is why is usually best to look for key words in the position description and make sure they are in your resume. It means you may have different resumes for different companies, but that is the cost of progress :slight_smile: Used to be the key words would be in the cover letter.


Most companies are using software like Taleo. It’s come to the point where I’ve had to now include a section called “core competencies” which is basically there for the key word filter. The higher the matches, the more likely you are to move forward.

I’m not sure how accurate these things are. A recruiter told me when he submitted me to a job opp @ a company, it rejected my first submission. On the second try I made it all the way through to a second interview.

It’s definately a changing process of hire that I’m learning to deal with.

Good idea, I’ll have to add that.

Oh my, it’s like SEO.

I had no idea (but being out of the FT job market for so long, why would I?)

Yup, it definately helps. Before I wasn’t getting much “call backs”. Since adding that section it has increased dramatically. If anyone is interested I can send a PDF version out so you can use it as a template if you’d like. Just shoot me a PM w/ your e-mail.