Resume Critic


I am new to these forums and was hoping to get a little feedback. I lost my job a few months ago working in an architecture firm and would like to make the switch to product/furniture design if possible since I am at such an early stage in my career. I am hoping to get some critics on my current resume and how I could change it to best fit the product/industrial design field along with any other suggestions on how to improve it.

Thanks in advance for helping me out.


Welcome Ross-

First glance: Looks nice, looks professional. However I’d offer these suggestions…

Take off the dates of your education. I see May 2008, I know you’re a fresh grad. Ditch that and it may open some doors. You’ve got some gaps in your employment and you probably have good reasons for it. Instead of having to explain them, list by year only. 2006-2007, etc. And get rid of the restaurant experience. Yes, it’s work but it’s filler and irrelevant. From looking at your resume I wouldn’t be able to tell you weren’t in the ID field to be perfectly honest.

The next step would be to tailor your portfolio to ID work. Sketches, process work, finished pieces, renderings, etc. Search the boards as this has been discussed many many times. Also search ID related Coroflot portfolios for inspiration on how to tailor your portfolio to where you want to be.

It’s tough out there, so be patient. Feel free to post portfolio related stuff, too. People are usually very helpful in that regard.

Thank you for the advice!

I have debated on the restaurant experience as is does show management experience even though it’s not design related. This just confirms what I have thought.

As far as the gaps in my employment go, should I include the times when I have done freelance work? Since I was laid off, I have worked on some various furniture designs and 3d renderings for some clients in order to help pay the bills.

I will be putting some of my work on in the portfolio section here soon. It’s mainly furniture related but I have some good architecture and product pieces as well. I am hoping all of this will help out. I really would like to get out to the San Francisco Area sometime soon.

Yeah you could list your freelance work somehow. I’d say short of just listing your clients, talk about what you accomplished freelancing. Another thing, and I don’t have your resume open at the moment to check, you want to list your “experience” in past-tense as if they are accomplishments. If you list them as present-tense it comes off as being a job requirement, not something you achieved.