responding to an ad

I’ve been applying to some job ads posted on coroflot. It seems like a lot of people apply for these jobs, so is it still expected that everyone follows up after a few days to make sure they received your stuff? Usually my email account can tell me if they received my email or not, but one time it didn’t say anything so I sent it again and still nothing.
I would imagine that companies don’t have time to reply yes, we got your application to everyone and that they would only get back to the few they’re interested in. Am I right?


You sent information to a company that solicited it. No reason why you can’t call to see if the materials were received.

Yes I am sure they get 100s of resumes. Many that apply don’t even fit the qualifications. Following up may make you stand out. It should tell the company you are really serious about the job.

The response to Coroflot job postings is pretty ridiculous actually. The last post was pretty accurate…100’s of resumes and work samples fly to their destination the second a new job is posted. The best advice is to really have something in your work samples, resume, etc, that really stands out.

I would definitely follow up, as lots of those who apply get lost in the shuffle.

I worked for a small consultancy for a while. We had only been around for 2 years and we posted an ad on Coroflot, and I think we got about 1200 responses. Pretty overwhelming, even with all 4 of us looking at the work. It took a while to comb through them all. Needless to say we grew tired of looking at everything and only started paying attention to work that was exceptional and really made a statement. I can only imagine what kind of reponse well-established companies must get.

how do you find what’s exceptional without looking at them all?


Sorry if what I wrote was misleading…

We continued to sift through them all…but stopped taking much time to look at anything unless is really jumped out at us.

If just by flipping through your work, there’s no WOW factor, it’s hard to compete with everyone else who’s sending in their work…

thank you very much.

Thanks for the kind response Nate. so any advice on coroflot applicants on how to add “Wow” to their work? Likely to be a little different for each firm, but generally speaking…

Make people want to keep turning the pages…Hopefully you have several projects you’re proud of, but put the best one first to hold their attention.

Easy to understand layouts, graphic treatments, etc…

If there’s something especially unique, innovative, etc, about any given project, make it obvious.

Anything confusing will get you thrown out of the running…remember, you’re not going to be there to explain things. If the work doesn’t speak for itself, there’s no one else there to do it for you…

Good luck

Simplify and edit.

Know your audience as best you can.

Start strong, end strong, delete the middle.

It’s all simpler said then done of course, but I would rather see two super hot projects, then two super hot projects amung a bunch of really blah ones. My first boss had a theory concerning portolios. He took the worst sketch out of a person’s mailer and kept that one with the person’s resume. You see his theory was that the worst sketch in there represented the person’s average opperating level, if you assumed all the best stuff, was their very best, the worst thing in their was some filler from their average pile they decided to throw in to make their portfolio thicker. It may not have allways been a correct theory, but a director needs some system to sort through it all. Knowing that theory has landed me a lot of interviews. Use it for good, not evil.

Whatever you do, don’t come up with some ‘unique’ portfolio/presentation binder that you made in the shop outta bent sheet metal and bondo that opens up in some ‘really cool’ way. When I see this kinda’ stuff, they’re always trying to cover up some less-than-mediocre work. Keep it simple!

how many projects in a mailer is a good number? 2 really hot ones? 2 that show research and process, and 2 that show form and other skills?

is it good to have 1 of the be just sketching?