so this is what a friend had to say

"“that’s so great! you made the first cut - I know that cranbrook works that way (narrows down applicants, has interviews, then choses from the interviews) and I think the risd design department (graphic) works that way as well (not sure about furniture/whatever). I know a guy from OSU undergrad went on an interview last year in the ceramics dept. at cranbrook, he was picked first round after the interview to be a grad student, but declined because of money. I’m thinking go to the interview and check it out - you are obviously in the running - I’m sure they’ll pick their top candidates, then a 2nd list/waitlist, then start w/the top ones seeing if they’ll commit to go, then work down to the 2nd list if all spaces aren’t filled w/the first one. (my point being even if you make 2nd pick/waiting list after the interview, you are still in the running). I know if you are on the first pick, they’ll tell you and then want an immediate reply, but legally you have until a certain date to let them know - they just try to find out asap so they can move down the list - since most people apply to more than one school, if they get into two or more they obviously have to make a decision. Be honest w/them if they ask you where you applied and all, the’ll probably want to know that but it won’t effect your chances. I would say find out the notification date and your decision date w/each school if possible before the interview so you can think about it - it may come down to getting into one school, then not knowing about the others and having to wait… As far as $$ goes, I know my friend was offered nothing, I think, he would have to take out loans on the whole thing,and he just couldn’t swing it.I told you that my two professors went there, and said it was worth the loans, even though they just finished paying them off at age 42"”