We are using the worlds resources in a rapid way. We have to start thinking the worlds sustainability. Ron Arad, Konstantin Grcic, Marc Newson, Karim Rashid etc. they design products to themselves to express their feelings. They consume the resources for the things that even make no sense. Everybodies thoughts are to themselves. I think product designer is the person who designs products for human being not to themselves. That makes them artist or a sculpture but not a designer. If they still want to express their feelings please use words to express your thoughts not the products. Because! you are not the only one who owns the worlds resources.

“they design products to themselves to express their feelings”

So what was wrong about it??

“I think product designer is the person who designs products for human being not to themselves”

The designers you mentioned are all doing well for selling their products which means lots of people love their stuff. They certainly just don’t make things for their pure ego-- They do consider lots of things if you had never study their works or read any articles…

Don’t be bitter about those designers. I just don’t see the complains that people make. Why don’t you just do your job better than them, not just sit there and complain about their designs… Did it really hurt you that bad?
I gain more things than loosing by looking at their designs.
If you found the problems in use of material in their design-(like plastic? that it will kill milliion population?), you better comeup with the better solution, man. Than you will get respect as a better designer.

If there’s something that must be sustained, it should be those people who hates others with jealousy, hatred and violence.

erdem selek, every sentences that you typed are so meaningless and stupid…
I understand that you care about the sustainability, which is very very important and I do understand your point. But the “world” you mention has been already thinking about its problems and solutions.
It’s not like ‘oh yes, erdem selek is so right, we better get our asses to save the world right now by doing recycling and eat home grown vegitables everyday!’
And Fine Artists don’t just make art works for themselves…
Please study the field if you don’t know… Fine Art is more complicated and meaningful for the culture than you think. There’s hardly any artists who just makes arts for themselves and decided not make things for others benefits.
Please study more and open you mind…