resources on CE design for people over 50

I have a project on a CE device primarily for the aging population. In terms of usability, does anyone know of good resources I could use about this demographic? (e.g. optimum button sizes, best screen/resolutions, features that would make a CE device more appealling/usable)


OOPS… I meant people over 60.

And, because this is confidential project, I can’t go into too much detail. Apologies.

I’ve talked with some seniors already and observed them using a product in the same product category. As I do with most projects (time and budget willing) I’m doing a brief market, user and product profile using secondary and primary sources.

I’m an industrial/product designer and so I’m not trained in this type of thorough research although I am familiar with it from past experience.

Well, here are a few resources that I’ve found: