Resources for softgoods manufacture (here or abroad)

Im working on a softgoods project, something like a deluxe construction site toolbelt. We’ve been getting bags and straps built in Costa Rica, but our main shop is too booked now

Can anyone recomend another factory, domestic or abroad, that can prototype and produce nice quality softgoods. It would be ideal if they were familiar making hiquality outdoor products, like REI-type backpacks with shaped padding areas or higher-end toolbelts?

Thanks alot

Carry Gear Solutions in Seattle. 206 957 6800

Thanks Yo… I almost gave up on that post!

try gpoing on the alibaba web site they have whole bunch of suppliers just wait for you.

Try Bethel pack in Seoul. They sample from Seoul and manufacture in HCMC. They do a great job at high end outdoor gear and they are small enough that you can get their full attention.

The contact is Mr. Lee

If you contact Mr. Lee let him know that Pete from Indigo gave you the info.



Thanks alot Pete and NachoShoeDesign