Resources for Softgoods Designers?

I’m wondering if a there are any softgoods designers out there who wouldn’t mind sharing some hints on resources for those interested in learning more about softgoods design?

For example - there are a few videos and blogs dedicated to sketching… anything similar for pattern-making?
Perhaps if there is any online course material at your school?
Websites, magazines, videos conferences… etc

Personally - I am more interested in things like bags and backpacks than shoes as I think footwear is fairly well covered here on Core77 - but by all means feel free to put footwear related resources here too.


No reply on this yet, huh?

I too, am extremely curious.

My best suggestion would be to find a softgoods bag maker in your area. Beg or a shop visit, and learn everything. If there are none in your area, catch a flight to either a softgoods factory or a brand that produces their own bags within their own facilities.

This is pretty much the only way you’ll really learn. You need to see how a bag is made from basic materials into a finished product.

Once you understand those construction/manufacturing processes, you can learn how to design products using those (and eventually start learning other processes like ultrasonic welding, etc).

Best of luck!

If you can draw it, I can make it…


please check out my portfolio sampling at Lauren Angell, Soft Goods Prototypes in North Attleborough, MA.