resource for students?

I need to conduct a survey among people belonging to the age range of 35+. Is there a web based resource that students can use to get surveys answered?

Survey Design Software : Design A Successful Survey System is really great for an intro about how to write a survey (guess what? It’s not as easy as everyone thinks - write a crappy survey and you’ll have useless data).

Surveymonkey and zoomerang are worth checking out to see what they have for cheap or freebie surveys - I know some sites at some point were free if you had fewer than X responses.

Let us know what you ended up doing so if the question comes up again there’s an answer?

Thanks for the link Stevep!
There are also websites such as,, that let you create your survey and forward it to people via email, add a html link to your website or create a survey pop up on your website. So, I created my survey online at and emailed the link to people I know. Btw, would you be willing to help me out by filling it out for me as well?? :smiley: :unamused: It will be a big help!

woops! forgot to log in…that was me. :wink:

Here is the link to the online format.