Any New Year’s resolutions about doing business differently?

I resolve to go above and beyond to make my customers wildly successful by enabling them with the strategic information they don’t know they need.

I resolve to work smarter not longer and have a life outside of design in an effort to be more well rounded and connected with “normal” folks!

I resolve to work out at lunch so my body supports my mind.

I resolve to visit the place of the actual problem or market in an effort to better understand the issues facing customers and their markets.

so cool, great post.

I resolve to not take projects personally.


I resolve to learn everything I can about selling design & engineering services, and put those nuggets into practice.

I resolve to not just treat my customers with the utmost respect and be willing to do everything in my power to provide them with the best solutions to their problems, but I resolve to do the same for my family.


I resolve to not comment on topics that don’t already have 25+ responses, nor put forth any of my own (unless they have eyecatchers like “s3x” or “h0t” or “p00n” in the subject line).



I resolve never to use an emoticon : )