residencies and more

As a graduate student about to get an MFA in Design (and on the verge of turning 30), I am looking for something that will continue my product design education after graduation from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Just something a little more immersive, apprenticeship-esque. I’ve looked into the European Ceramics Workcentre in Amsterdam, and am sad to know that I’m WAY over the age limit for Fabrica. Any suggestions?

The best design education can’t be found in any school. You’ll learn more at a job for a year than in any academic setting. Why pay for an apprentice set up? Just curious.

As le corbusier once wrote “down with the schools”

i agree, actually. i began graduate school with more knowledge of graphic and web design (self-taught primarily, my background is mainly in art). now that i’ve decided product design is what i want to do, finding a job that will pay enough to get student loans out of my hair is a huge challenge. doing a short term thing for little pay and then connecting into the “network” seems like a viable option.

gotcha, was just curious as to what you where looking to get out of it. Did you do an internship while you where in grad school?

It is unfortunate that the concept of apprenticeship has been largely absent from the design world as a whole since the time of the Bauhaus. I think this is one the best ways to learn, gain experience, network, and build a portfolio all at the same time for a lot of people.

i did, yes. with an industrial designer. it was where i became sure of what i wanted out of design. unfortunately, i got my foot in the door as a graphic designer, and wasn’t really able to participate in the ID process, outside of observation. the two worlds are somewhat separated, i believe. carpenters and plumbers still have apprentices, not to mention tattoo artists. i wonder what has changed?

Appreniceships still exist… now they are called internships for big name designers

I spent some time working for one and literally had to do work in his style, then he would give the final signoff or slight signature flair. You can learn alot about a good designer’s style that way. I would expect the situation would be the same for all the Karims, Sappers, Starks, etc…

Like Yo said, you might need to go for the work experience and pay your dues like everyone does… school is only the tip of the iceberg and you sometimes need a couple of years (or more) til you can get decent salaries