Reseau: experience cooking

This is a project I worked on as an entry to the IHA (International housewares association) student competition. Its called Reseau ( a french term for networking).

It is a media center designed for the kitchen through which the user can enjoy his/her experience of cooking. It includes a detachable RFID tag/barcode reader which allows the user to keep track of groceries and deteriorating perishable goods and also creates shopping lists accordingly. The internal speakers and high resolution screen coordinate with the home computers via wifi and allow the user to watch dvd’s or listen to music while performing daily chores. More details on the project can be seen at :

At present for my thesis, I am working on designing a compact kitchenette system for loft housing which also incorporates this product.

ps: how do I load jpegs in this forum?

uni- you got to log out of you corefolio, and then get the link to the submitted image.

Thanks yo!!! I just realised as soon as i submitted my post! just changed it!! :exclamation:

looks like alot of work went into this. wish the final images were bigger. easier to read. maybe then i’d want to really look. right now i glance over. can you post bigger images?

It was an 8 week long project, but I managed to accomplish quite a lot , from surveys to research to final apprarance model and 3D rendering. I posted some new images at:

In the process of preparing for the IDSA student competition. Will post some more soon. Thanks!

one i’d like to see bigger is page 7 on designbloom site. something w detailed explanation.