Research on Industrial Organization

Particularly on the topic relating to family life with respect to work/career.

I’ve searched OCLC online sources for articles and such and have located 2 articles in different libraries.

“World-class Workaholics” and “The pre-industrial family”

I would definitely like to find out more though.

Any other places I can look into? Or is there any one here with knowledge in related topic? Personal experiences is a source too.


I dunno, tons of stuff on organisational behavior, but I’m not sure how much would relate to an individuals private life.

best to broaden your search, when you look at the record for your 2 articles see what other keywords are asigned them and do individual searches for all of those words, search within the journals you found for related articles or, anything by those authors.

What about stats and studies on how on-campus day-care centers have influenced employee’s ability to manage between work and family? I was also looking for reports on that topic but didn’t find any.

how and where are you conducting these searches?

I tried first search OCLC online for journals and articles. I only found a few which I am not sure if they are what I am looking for.

So far, I’ve got “The Pre-Industrial Family” which talks about the social structure before the industrial revolution. The second article is “World Class Workaholics”. Haven’t read this yet, but should be interesting.

I found 2 more titles but haven’t managed to obtain them yet… been running around between libraries.

Of course, I want to do some experience research, by talking to people regarding their experiences and so on. So I am looking for people from different industries who have worked for companies of different sizes. It will be even better if he/she has a family with both of them(as parents) working.

I’ll stick with my original search advice and add: get a librarian to help you.

realize that every databases’ cataloger can choose thier own keyword terminology and categorization, so use a thesaurus and try synonyms of your keywords.
its always possible nobody has chosen to publish about your topic too.

tried first search OCLC online for journals and articles. I only found a few which I am not sure if they are what I am looking for.

check here it’s great article’s archive. There are many directories with different topics. So you can both read and sumbit your own articles.

I’m a professor and researcher in organizational behavior. This answer is probably too late for the original poster, but what the heck. If you have access to a university library, doing a search in Proquest or Ebsco or PsychInfo (these are search indexes) will pull up many hundreds of articles on a given topic in I/O or OB (and tens of thousands altogether).