Research on Creativity in Design!

Greetings fellow designers! I really need the help of the design community. I am a researcher from Penn State studying creative product design that is really important for enhancing product design as a whole and I need some help distributing a link to an online survey for my research. We need professional designers with at least 2 years of experience to take the survey (engineering designers, new product developers, industrial designers). All participants will receive $10 for their time, and we will share the results of our research with interested participants! So please please please share this message (details below) with anyone that you think will qualify to take the survey. Thanks!!
Survey link:

Researchers in the BriteLab ( at Penn State University are looking for professional designers with more than 5 years of professional design experience to participate in an online survey on concept selection practices in design industry. The goal of the survey is to understand how risk-taking, creativity and corporate culture influence the selection or mitigation of creative concepts. The survey should take no more than 30 minutes to complete and, as a thank you for participating, survey participants will be entered into a drawing to win $50! If you are interested in participating, please navigate to the online survey at:

I want to participate with this one. May I know the requirements please? :slight_smile:

Be careful with this one folks. I clicked on the link to read about the research, and then clicked the link to view a couple of questions. Apparently having opened the survey I have now agreed to participate.

I will not be participating, and if anything shows up in my email (as a result of my IP address being captured) I will be more than a little annoyed.

With regard to their “security” arrangements ( a locked file in a separate office… com’on ) How they intend to reimburse I do not know, but I would strongly suggest that you provide no personal information on line.

Seriously… if you are doing legitimate research on “design creativity” you shouldn’t need to offer a pittance to encourage participants. Just get on with it.


Lew, if it is a hoax, it is a damn good one.

Prof. Scarlett Miller and Christine Toh are indeed at PSU. And they are interested in the very subject of this research as shown in their PSU profiles,

But if it is a huge concern, call Prof. Miller and ask if she is running research, 814-863-4143

Thanks iab. I read their CVs and project objectives yesterday.

I’m still fighting a two year old identify theft case that threw my credit rating, at one point, into the low 500s. How they got my personal information I have no idea, but they did. To date they have racked up just short of $5,000 in unauthorized purchases, and I receive, on the average, one new unrequested application for credit per month on my LifeLock account; it has become a constant vigilance. In addition to the actual cost of monitoring this fraudulent activity, it has denied me the use of what was once an excellent credit rating and prevented me from obtaining a second mortgage at an acceptable rate for home improvements. And frankly, from enjoying the fruits of my life’s labors in other ways.

You all are, of course, absolutely free to do as you please, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Just go into it with your eyes wide open.

I’m sure their intentions are honorable, but one lapse in records security is all it takes.

My concerns, and comments, stand.