Research for reciprocating saw

Actually, I am a student of a design college. I am doing a research for reciprocating saw and try to figure out some opportunities to redesign a reciprocating saw. Because I am not adept in tools, I hope that I can get some feedback from the forum.

I believe that your opinions would be really helpful for me, because each of you here have better knowledge with tools than me. So I really appreciate for more feedback. :slight_smile:

What I am thinking about is the user group for reciprocating saw? Because I am a female and also the first user of reciprocating saw, I think that maybe I can give another perspective and focus on the female users. But I am not very sure that is female a large target group here. If anyone can share your experience and thoughts with me, I will really appreciate for it!

I would buy 1 or 10, then spend a day using them. You will learn a lot.

have you tried posting on some DIY forums?


i have tried to post on some DIY forums.
such as diychatroom, diynetwork…
I hope I can get some feedback from the views of industrial design, so I also seek for help in this forum.

Can you be more specific in what you want help with?

One thing you might try is going to Home Depot/Lowes/ Local Lumberyard and asking people to fill it out. If you can try filming a sales associate trying to sell you one. A warning though Home Depot has kicked me out several times for this so you gotta be kinda sneaky and /or incredibly good with people in order to pull it off. Hope this helps.