Research focused ID Portfolio of 8mismo

I took the advice of the good people here at core and made my portfolio accessible without the flash complications. It is a pdf of the book format which I plan to be printing shortly. Any advice?

Hi res=
Low res=

What is the purpose of the portfolio?
Is it for grad school or for work?

I personally find it a bit heavy on text and a little to chaotic in images and illustrations.
It would probably benefit from being a little bit lighter. Maybe throw in a quick project that communicates faster and grabs attention more easily. Just a clever idea with a clever solution. Because it seems like there are only 2 projects? Cominco and black collar, right?
You put a lot of work into your projects, no doubt but it is hard for me to grasp all of that within the 30 sec you have to convince an employer. Seriously, nobody is going to read all of that.

Technically, from what I have seen, it looks ok just really confusing. For me it was hard to see where one project ended and another started. The GE one is all over the place.

At first glance (looked at each page for 10 seconds) I agree with the above. Your illustrations and content seem to be good, but I think you can enlarge them so they’re understood more quickly and the portfolio reviewer can assess your skills more easily.

Good insight so far. It is a hard balance to achieve. Employers often ask for process work, but then say that they don’t want to read a bunch of text. I have been working on making graphs and the like to make data more fun to look at.