Rescinding an offer

If they liked me and sent me an offer with X amount for a salary and I asked for X+Y because of experience, education, standard of living, etc. They wouldn’t ever say no he’s being very unreasonable and we’ll take it back right?

I know this may sound like a dumb question but ya never know.

Can’t hurt to ask for more cause the worst they can do is say the amount stands, right?

Some people with more experience in this dept. please advise the good, the bad, and the ugly on this topic.

right, they offered you a job. As with many job offers, They will offer you the LEAST amount that you could not refuse. Or rather even a lower number that you could maybe refuse and only IF you refuse it, then they would go up tho that low number I mentioned above.

My advice is know how much you are worth and how much more you are worth for them. Since they offered you a job, that should you that they want you. USe it with no fear. They would never pull out an offer just because you want to negotiate. Is tougher and more expensive for them to find another cadidate than for you to find another job.

Be tought, do it because you are worth it, and because we all as a profession are worth it.

It’s a crap shoot. There’s probably some guy they interviewed just as good as you but probably coming from a higher paying job so like most places they are going to offer as little as they can to the person most likely to take it. And if you ask too much they’ll go and take a chance with the other guy and deal with him if he’s the only other one. There’s more designers than jobs so do what you think is best for you. Go playing games and what they wind up doing won’t matter much after they tell you to get lost.

guard angel makes sense. not unusual to negotiate. if the company decided to offer you the job its because you were there top choice (or their top choices turned them down). they will tell you if the offer is firm. very unusual for a company to rescind but it does happen.

a few companies base their decision primarily on money. if they are looking for a bargain chances are they might not want to deal. most of the time the primary decision is based on your talent and how you fit with the team followed by “can we afford you”.

So is there any rule of thumb for what is OK and what is too much to ask for? 10% more, 15%, 20%?

There is a ton of stuff online about this: negotiating salary - Google Search

its not about 10% or 20%. its all about they offered you x and you feel you are worth x + y based on experience, education, standard of living, AND what the job should pay.

check out what the industry standard is. if its x + y - $5000 then don’t ask for more than that. you’ll sound like you don’t have a clue as to what is going on if you ask for too much.

I think the best you can do is to compromise between the X amount that the company offers you and the X+ Y amount that you ideally want to get paid. In that way, both are mutually beneficial so no hard feeling after you join them.