Requirements when conducting a business w/ a American client

I currently reside in the Philippines and had been invited to work freelance for an America-based client. The work involved shall be plain production of images of rendered 3d models.

Assuming my client is just a single person and not a corporate entity, what are my legal duties to the client aside from providing the output of the work contracted? I would like to make my work legit at any viewpoint.

For example:

  1. Receipts: Can I simply issue receipts that is recognized by my country?
  2. Taxes. Are there special provisions in America (that could affect me) that must be adhered to by my client if he avails an offshore service?
  3. Contracts: Will my contract with him hold.

Your responses will be of great help.


I’m sure others can answer better than I, but from personal experience, check with him on the intellectual property and non disclosure issues for the designs you work on.

Create a contract before starting the work and get it signed by all involved parties. You need to clearly state the following:

1.RECITALS - Statement of who you are, who the client is

2.DEFINITIONS - All important terms dealing with the project such as identifying what you mean by a “set” of drawings or a final “package”

3.RIGHT TO COPY AND DISTRIBUTE - Statement authorizing all parties involved to share the work for purposes of critique, discussion, etc. This should also talk about issues of intellectual property and who owns the work that you are producing.

4.DEVELOPER’S / DESIGNER’S RESPONSIBILITIES - what you are doing for the client

5.FEES AND PAYMENT - how you expect to be paid, when you expect to be paid, what actions will result in higher or lower fees.

6.REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES - this is where you should state whether you guarantee anything relating to the project or in some cases whether you don’t guarantee anything. A popular term is to state that your design makes “no guarantee of merchantability” meaning that you don’t guarantee that they are going to make money off anything you produce.

7.INDEMNIFICATION - This is a statement that should say who is responsible in the case of legal action being brought as a result of creating something from this contract. Basically state that if you design something that is later produced by company X, and that product kills someone, company X is responsible - not you.

8.LIMITATION OF LIABILITY - This should list things that will result in this contract being cancelled and what each party will be responsible for in such a case.

10.CONFIDENTIALITY - This is where you should state that all designs are only for you and the client until they pay and take full control.

11.TERMINATION - State the period of time that each party has to cancel the contract and back out of the deal without damages

  1. Any other items that you deem important